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How to Apply and Fire ClayFriends Ceramic Decals

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Full color decals look best when fired on a light background.

  • To apply the decal
    • Clean and moisten the area you are applying the decal to.
    • Wet the back of the decal with tepid water for approximately 20 seconds. Don’t let the decal soak in the water.
    • Wait for the decal to loosen from the front of the paper.
    • Slide the decal off the paper and into place. Check that it is positioned correctly.
    • Hold the decal in place and Squeegee from the center out to remove the water from under the decal.
    • When you have all the water out , use a paper towel to blot the water from over and around the decal. 
    • Let the decal completely dry ( at least 3 hours) preferably over night.
  • Fire the decal with-in the following range.
    • Between Cone 017-015 (1376 - 1544 degrees Fahrenheit)
    • Fire fast, do not soak, ramp, or hold. 
    • Vent the kiln to at least 1000 degrees- for the cover coat to burn off.


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